Recognising professional taxi and private hire drivers

Despite the public-facing role of taxi and private hire drivers, there is currently no simple and consistent way for them to demonstrate that they hold the right training and qualifications required to carry out their job.

People 1st, the sector skills council for hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism, is currently piloting a voluntary Licence to Practise scheme, giving individuals a unique way to demonstrate that they are professionals. Through the scheme, drivers carry out a nationally recognised qualification that People 1st accredited colleges and training providers deliver.

After completing the programme, individuals are able to record their training on the National Register of Professional Taxi and Private Hire Drivers.

Recognition on the national register means drivers will:

  • Show their local authority and operators that they continue to be a qualified and professional driver
  • Receive a badge that will demonstrate to their customers that there is a professional driver behind the wheel
  • Receive a certificate with a unique reference number that will enable them to deal with their licensing authority more effectively
  • Have access to a vast array of additional information about training and careers in their industry and others in passenger transport.

Registration costs £20. Once drivers have registered, they will need to renew it every three years after completing Continual Professional Development (CPD) training.

Operators – what’s in it for you?

The register is the first ever to recognise the high levels of professionalism of drivers, and has been developed to give operators such as yourself one central system to access accurate and timely information about drivers’ skills.

Why register?

“Merseytravel has a long history of supporting transport sector skills, in partnership with People 1st and our Merseylearn team, because we recognise that enhanced skills will deliver a better customer service. We believe that a registration scheme for drivers will support the quality of training across the industry and help demonstrate the professionalism of the drivers in the taxi and private hire trade.”

Andy Thornton, Merseylearn Manager

Register your interest

What it means to customers

Taking your safety and the industry’s professionalism seriously

Operators that display our professionalism banner have shown they are taking their drivers' training seriously and support the national register for professional taxi and private hire drivers .

As the organisation responsible for the development of qualifications and training in the passenger transport sector, People 1st introduced the register to ensure taxi and private hire drivers have the skills to provide you with a safe and effective service.

Registration means drivers have achieved an industry-recognised qualification with a top college or training provider that we have accredited. Drivers also have to update their skills and training every three years to remain on the register and make sure they learn the latest in areas like safety, legislation and disability awareness.

So if you see a driver wearing this badge, you know you are in safe hands!