Bus and coach engineering manager accreditation

Evaluate your abilities and get recognised for your talent

The bus and coach engineering manager assessment is a way for bus or coach engineers in management positions to evaluate their skills and progress in their career by understanding how competent they are in their role and identify areas that need improving. It asks a series of questions to see how well the candidate is performing against the necessary activities and behaviours to perform the role.

Why should you take the assessment?

Developed in partnership with People 1st, the leading workforce and skills development charity for passenger transport, The Confederation of Passenger Transport   (CPT) and Lloyd Morgan Group Limited, the assessment is based on nationally recognised professional standards, which are criteria set by employers that outline the necessary skills needed for the job role. This means it’s a credible way to show employers your achievements. The online assessment is the first step in the accreditation for engineers managers and requires in-depth analysis of your day-to-day duties, so please note that completing the assessment can take up to an hour.

The professional standards for bus and coach engineering managers

Professional standards are criteria set by employers that outline the exact skills needed in particular job roles. They are key indicators that show you have the correct behaviours and are performing the right activities. The professional standards for bus and coach engineering managers are:


  • Risk culture
  • Customer orientation
  • Team leading
  • Communicating
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Planning and organising


  • Operational engineering management
  • Performance management
  • Health and safety and workplace ‘risk’ culture management
  • Planning, budget setting and financial control
  • Team development and management
  • Maintain relationships with customers and other stakeholders

How is the assessment carried out?

You will take an online assessment, which is a combination of 'yes' or 'no' questions and submitted evidence to show how you meet each of the areas. Once completed, your application will be sent to an assessor from Lloyd Morgan who will contact you to arrange the next step in the accreditation process.

Are you ready to start your assessment?

If you’re ready to start your assessment, please complete the following details and we'll be in touch to explain the next steps. 

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