Recognising professional PCV driver trainers

People 1st, the skills and workforce development charity for hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism, is working with the bus and coach industry to make the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) Driving Instruction the common standard for all PCV driver trainers.

Operators told us this is the best qualifications to carry out the role, which is why we want to encourage driver trainers to achieve it.

We have improved the registration system to help operators identify people who hold the qualification more easily through an online system. Registered PCV driver trainers can use the system to promote themselves as professionals that meet the high standards employers require, and have access to some fantastic benefits including a certificate and a branded badge that will promote them as professionals to colleagues, employers and members of the public.

After three years driver trainers can re-register by completing some CPD training. This will ensure their skills are kept up to date with what operators are looking for!

Approved centres can use registration to demonstrate to JAUPT that their driver trainers are competent to deliver CPC periodic training.

PCV driver trainers – discover your fantastic benefits!

By registering you will get access to some fantastic benefits including 50% off your personal breakdown cover with the RAC, access to a range of training aids that you can use for your drivers and much more!

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Operators – what’s in it for you?

Operators wanted the system so they could record which driver trainers have achieved the Level 3 Diploma in Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) in Driving Instruction, the industry-preferred qualification.

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What it means to customers

Taking your safety and the industry’s professionalism seriously

Operators that display our professionalism banner have shown they are taking their drivers' training seriously and support the national register for professional Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) driver trainers .

As the organisation responsible for the development of qualifications and training in the passenger transport sector, People 1st  introduced the register to recognise professional bus and coach instructors that have the skills to train drivers to provide you with a safe and effective service.

The register means driver trainers have gained the top qualification for their role and are keeping their learning up to date by carrying out additional training every three years. This means you can rest assured drivers are receiving the best training.