What is passenger transport & travel?

The passenger transport and travel industry delivers crucial transport and travel services around the UK and abroad and is made up of travel, aviation, rail, bus, coach and taxi and private hire. 

The prime focus is on transporting passengers in a safe and efficient manner, however, customer service is key to its success. It’s about delivering what passengers want – this means that much of the industry’s work is non-stop to meet customer demand. Trains, planes, buses and coaches run from early morning to late at night, and even overnight in some cases. Resort reps are on hand to meet and greet holiday makers at all hours of the day.  Taxis and driving instructors organise their working hours according to the demand of their clients. This means the industry is a flexible employer, with staff required to work shifts, allowing people to work around other needs and commitments, such as families or studying.

Delivering a good service involves many different skills – from the engineering required to make sure everything runs safely and efficiently to the ability to follow schedules, entertain expectant travellers and make detailed plans.

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