CV presentation – the finishing touches

The presentation of a CV is just as crucial as the content, as messy looking CV can distract the employer from extracting the key information. The best CVs are simple and clearly laid out so they are easy to read. Here are some simple tips for creating a well presented CV. 

Make the headings bold

By making the heading stand out it makes the information easy to digest. If everything is the same size it can be difficult to know when a new section starts.

Use bullet points

Using long sentences and large paragraphs will make it hard for the reader to identify the key points. Using bullet points will help you break them down for the employer.

Use the same font style throughout

You must always use the same front style throughout your CV. If you use more than one, the presentation will look cluttered. Use bold to your advantage to emphasise dates and sub headings if needed.

Use a maximum of 3 font sizes

You should use a maximum of 3 font sizes throughout your CV; however a maximum of two is necessary, one for the headings and the other for the ordinary text. Use any more and the presentation of your CV will look messy. If you’re struggling to emphasise headings and dates it is better to use bold than introducing another font size.

Avoid graphics, icons and pictures

Generally speaking graphics, icons and pictures should always be avoided. The aim of the CV is to provide information in a clear and concise way, so pictures are often regarded as off-putting.

Use quality paper

The paper of your CV should be white, in A4 and 100gsm.