Careers in Passenger Transport and Travel

Passenger transport and travel is more than moving people from A to B. It’s customer service, entertainment, safety, operations, route planning and training, with opportunities to work for big, multinational companies or for yourself.  Passenger transport and travel is vital in the day to day functioning of the UK and the perfect choice for a lifelong career – who doesn’t need to travel?! Find out how we can help you start or develop a career in the passenger transport and travel industry.

Looking to join?

The opportunities available

If you’re looking for a career that underpins all other industries and where they’ll always be jobs, then you’ve found it. The passenger transport and travel industry is vital for both the UK’s business and leisure markets and employs over 735,000 people.  Job opportunities are available abroad, in operations, maintenance and training and, of course, up in the driving seat.  Discover how you can join this exciting industry and find the ideal career for you.

Looking to progress?

The benefits

Flexible hours, plus a great work environment make a career in passenger transport and travel the perfect opportunity for students, parents of new families or older workers looking for fewer hours.  Great career prospects allow you to start at the bottom and work your way up, or enter from other industries with relevant skills.  And don’t forget, jobs are available across the UK and abroad, so you can always move your career while you’re moving others about!